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What should I discuss with Russian ladies? by Alex

The makeup of Russian ladies differs from the makeup of women from other countries because of the unique history of Russia and Russian personality. That is why this article will be helpful for foreign men who wish to have a relationship with a Russian lady.
As you know, first of all a man is judged by externals on a face-to-face meeting. This is very important but sometimes it is a mistake. That is why a woman needs correspondence to get to know a man. When writing a letter to a Russian lady, not having first met her face-to face, you should have some guidance, since Russian culture may differ slightly from yours. We offer the following suggestions to improve your chances for success.
1. First write about yourself - about your job, occupation, family, interests and hobbies. Probably you can find common things to discuss. This is the easiest and best way to find common background at first.
2. Try not to make an invasion of privacy, because this can make a lady feel uncomfortable and she might not wish to answer. 3. Write her a funny story from your life. Ladies love people with a great sense of humor. But also let her know that you can be serious when it's necessary. 4. Do not discuss money. You can indicate your financial status by the content of your correspondence. 5. Do not forget to compliment. Ladies like lots of compliments and all women like to be admired for their beauty and intelligence. 6. Do not write about sex to a Russian lady. Most Russian ladies were raised in conservative families that keep up traditions of old Russia (USSR). At that time it was restricted to talk about sex, to watch sexy movies, etc. The sexual revolution passed not too long ago in Russia, so not all Russians revised their views on sex. Modern Russian women are more open than older ladies, but it's not recommended to talk about their private life. 7. Be truthful. Women are more sensitive and intuitive than men and they sense when a man is dishonest. It's always best to be truthful, especially if you meet face-to-face. Otherwise you can disturb the good understanding between you and your lady. 8. Write her a story from your life which pinpoints your individuality, your kindness, generosity, sense of purpose and other positive qualities of your character. 9. Tell your lady what are you expecting from correspondence with her. She should know whether you are looking for a life partner or just for a pen friend.
Of course these suggestions do not cover everything. A relationship is not always a simple matter. Dating Agency provides training and courses in order to advance your communication skills and personal charm. You will also discover some useful facts about Russian ladies' mental structure and individuality, which will help you to impress beautiful Russian ladies.
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