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How To Attract Models, Hotties And Strippers by Nick Shane

How To Attract Models, Hotties And Strippers
I've dated some VERY beautiful women in my life...real 10's! And if you want to do the same, I can teach you pretty much everything there is to know to attract and date a model, a stripper or a hottie.
What do Models, Hotties and Strippers have in common? They all have men drooling all over them wherever they go. These women are real 10s and they know it.
Now you have to look at it this way: they get asked out like 37 times each day (seriously!) by all sorts of guys. Some are a complete joke who want to take them out for dinner in McDonalds (yes, I've heard some stories) while other drive a Mercedes and own a yacht.
But they all fail because are COURTING these women. This has to be the most common mistake guys make when it comes to women and dating. Please don't ever TRY to make a woman like you.
It doesn't work.
Women can't choose when they feel sexual attraction for men like "Okay, I think he is cute, funny and has an interesting personality, I think it's time to become attracted to him."
It happens INSTANTLY!
But when you have all these guys trying to BUY their affection by spending loads of money and acting like nice gentlemen...then all their efforts are for the gutter, really.
Read my lips here: This is NOT how you make beautiful women have feelings for you. They will not see you as that sexy man that they want to kiss and get physical with.
Here's what I'm saying:
Why do you think that some of the most beautiful women who can obviously CHOOSE anybody they want...end up with dirty, sleazy, drunk badboys who have tattoos all over their bodies and treat them like crap?
Isn't that weird?
Very attractive women can get ANYBODY they want, and they know it. So who do they go for? Certainly not for those kind of guys that approach and ask them out every day.
They need a challenge. They want somebody that is in their league, somebody that is wild so they can tame them. Somebody different that doesn't go with the flow and does what everyone else does.
So what chances have you got with a real 10?
Plenty, if you know what these women are looking for. Go have a look at Dennis Rodman, Kid Rock, Tommy Lee or Vince Neil. Those are the role models you need to have a look at ... not at those cute men you see in the movies who rescue the princess.
If you want to become successful with models or hotties you got to make sure you have a badboy personality trait. Be wild, brake some rules and be aggressive. If a woman acts like a brat, call her on it. If you want something, then don't ask for it...just take it!
It will take some time to get that trait internalized because you have to study some of the original badboy behavior like dominance, aggressiveness and yes even slight arrogance...but it works when it comes to women and dating.
Instead of saying "Hello, you are really beautiful and I would like to take you out for dinner sometimes" say something that only somebody would say who KNOWS he can get anybody he wants as well.
"HEY! You look cute...but I'm curious. What else you got going for yourself but a pretty lil' face. Tell me? Who knows, maybe we get along" *evil grin*
Why do you think I get so many attractive women? Because I have done my homework!
Now go do yours!

About the Author
Nick Shane is a street-smart Dating-Expert and author of the book "Playboyskool" and several other products that help regular guys like YOU become more successful with women and dating. Get his FREE online Dating Tips newsletter at

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