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The Biggest Mistakes Guys Make On Dates With Women by Nick Shane

The Biggest Mistakes Guys Make On Dates With Women
Whenever a guy has a date with a beautiful woman he tries to impress her. This is so wrong. If you court a woman like we did 50 years ago, try to buy her affection with flowers and gifts or want to impress her so she will like you ... you are on the wrong track!
Look, it's amazing how every man who asked for my advice has the exact same problems with women. No wonder, they ALL make the same goddamn mistakes when it comes to women and dating.
Here's what usually happens.
Boy meets girl.
He somehow manages to get her number and now wants to ask her out on a date. Either she will just make a random excuse right there like "oh I'm sorry, I can't. My cousin is in town and I have to spend time with her" or "I have yoga class today, maybe some other time."
...or she doesn't cancel on you and will actually agree to meet up with you again. But when your date is almost over, she won't kiss you and just tell you that "you are a nice but she just isn't that attracted to you".
Then, when everything has failed and you realize that she doesn't want to be with you ... you start to wonder what went wrong.
I'm here to help.
The thing is, every guy makes the same mistakes when he is on a date with a beautiful woman. So here's my black list:
a) You pay her lots of compliments. You tell her how nice she looks and how beautiful her eyes are ... and she will say thank you but that's as far as it goes. Paying compliments is a nice gesture, but doesn't push a woman's buttons or turns her on. Oops, you're a wimp! Women don't get physical with those type of men. Sorry!
b) You try to be nice...same deal here: Women don' like nicey-nice guys and never go past a first date or further than a kiss on the cheek.
c) You act clingy and needy. The more you act like you want sex, the less you will get it. But there is nothing worse than a guy who acts needy and desperate for sex. It has to be the biggest turn-off in any woman. So relax, play a little hard to get and let her chase YOU...not the other way around.
d) You try to BUY her affection with flowers, chocolates, drinks or even a cuddly toy. It doesn' work because she will NOT get emotionally attracted to you. If you want her to think you are hot and sexy, turn up the heat by being CHEEKY...and not by buying her things.
e) You go on a classic date such as a restaurant or the movies where you even agree to pay for everything. Classic dates are out. Go window shopping or have a coffee where she has to buy the second round. Be a man for god's sake and not a doormat you hear?
So in a nutshell, everything you do that lets a woman know that you WANT her and really TRY to get her will not have a happy ending. You got to behave like you are the catch and not her.
YOU need to be the challenge no matter how beautiful you think your date looks. If you want to be with her, you have to keep her on her toes and let her wonder about you. Keep teasing her by being cheeky and busting her balls and she will get attracted to you in an instant.
But for now make sure you don't make the above mistakes anymore because if you do, you will get what 97% of other guys get after they had a date with a beautiful woman...another female friend.

About the Author
Nick Shane is a street-smart Dating-Expert and author of the book "Playboyskool" and several other products that help regular guys like YOU become more successful with women and dating. Get his FREE online Dating Tips newsletter at

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