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Attract Mr. Right NOW! by Amirah Hall

Are you being yourself? As long as you resist being your natural, balanced self, you will not attract harmonious, long lasting, or healthy relationships. Once you become true to yourself, you automatically attract the right person to you. You can access and balance own unique vibration of energy to reveal your innate power and beauty within to attract the type of relationships you desire.
You Broadcast Who You Are and What You Want
What you think about, you attract. When you are cautious and hold back your true self, you attract similar situations to you. If you think you are not sufficient, not wise enough, or not powerful enough to create the reality you truly desire, you will attract a representation of your own doubt in yourself.
Attract Balanced Relationships
If you look for someone else to complete you, you attract an incomplete relationship. What you create is a partnership made up of two half people, that will not satisfy either person.
When you feel complete and sufficient, you set up a vibration that attracts those with the similar qualities. When you reflect the type of vibrations you choose to attract in someone else, you will be seen and recognized by Mr. Wonderful.
Re-ignite Your Attractive Power
Balance your female energy to re-ignite your attractive power. When you flood your body with your own female or male energy, your body automatically seeks its original perfect balance. With practice your system will stay in balance effortlessly. This way you can experience your ultimate sexual and creative power..
Become Clear and Certain About What You Want
Connecting with your innate power and sexual force spawns a new level of self certainty. Your confidence will soar and you may find yourself achieving goals you long forgot. As you get neutral to foreign energies that compete for space in your body, you become clear, grounded and focused. Follow Your Own Path
Life is a journey, and you have everything you need to create the most desirable, enjoyable and fulfilling journey for yourself. Take steps each day to reach your life goals, and you will not only be amazed at how well you will achieve them, but at how enjoyable and stress-free the journey will be.
Increase Your Natural Sex Appeal
Everyone has both male and female energies. Sometimes someone from your past has turned off your female energy. It affects how and what you attract in your life. Practice increasing the amount of female energy flowing in your body. This will increase your sex appeal and attraction.
Your Attractive Force Within IS Powerful
Your renewed personal power will revolutionize your relationships. When you increase your own sexual energy you increase self-confidence, boost your attractiveness and create balance. People around you will notice a positive change in you. They may not put their finger on it but you will know why they respond favorably. Practice this connecting to this energy for 20-30 days and the results will astonish you. Have fun with a renewed sense of your self!
Amirah Hall © 2006 All Rights Reserved.

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Amirah, Intuitive Life Coach, Author, Speaker helps individuals gain insight, clarity and understanding in their own lives making positive life changes. Author of eBook,GET Better LOVE and MORE of IT! Get your FRe.e Stress Buster Audio Download FRE.e monthly newsletter Email:

Stop Saying "I Want to Find a Girlfriend" and Find One! by Odalis Bitterroot

If you find yourself saying "I want to find a girlfriend" repeatedly, you need to take action. Instead of spending your days lamenting your loneliness, it's time to get out there and meet someone. The odds of the girl of your dreams knocking on your door before you finish reading this article are very low. If you want to find a girlfriend, you're going to have to do something.
Easier said than done, right? If it were that easy, every guy would have a blonde on his arm and no one would be sitting at home on a Friday night. If you have been chanting "I want to find a girlfriend," you already know that you have to be proactive.
Chances are that you already know what you have to do, too. It isn't a mystery. In order to meet someone--that special someone who might turn out to be "the one"--you are going to have to approach her. Getting the girl usually involves making that first contact. Approaching potential girlfriends successfully is the key to keeping busy on the weekends and adding a romantic dimension to your life.
So, you know you have to take action. You also know that the first action is approaching the women you find interesting. What's the problem?
The problem is that many men find it exceedingly difficult to approach women. They are insecure, unsure of themselves, shy or fear rejection so much that they don't make that essential first move. Even those guys who do have the guts to make an approach often handle the situation so horribly that they are shot down in a heartbeat.
If you want to find a girlfriend, you need to learn how to overcome your fears and to approach women masterfully.
At least one author, Joseph Matthews, argues that mastering the approach is all about re-learning what makes a man attractive to women and to embody the ideal that will make guys irresistibly attractive while giving them the confidence to approach a woman. He maintains that society's lessons about how to appeal to women hamstring guys and that a different approach is more likely to land the ladies.
Whether you agree with Matthews' assessment, which you can investigate free of charge through a multiple-part "crash course" on The Art of the Approach, or feel that you just need a little jolt of confidence, it does pay to increase your comfort level and skills with respect to approaching others.
If you can develop a quality approach technique and the confidence necessary to implement it, you won't be muttering "I want to find a girlfriend" again!

About the Author
Odalis wants you to know that you can stop saying "I want to find a girlfriend" and can get busy finding one today! He recommends starting with Joseph Matthew's respected FREE "crash course," The Art of the Approach. You CAN get the girl

How to Stop a Break Up by Odalis Bitterroot

Relationships can be a tricky thing. Sometimes, people feel as though they have finally made that one-of-a-kind connection only to then discover rough times. Those difficult periods can lead to the end of once-strong partnerships.
When that happens, it may simply be because the "chemistry wasn't right" or because things just "weren't meant to be." Sometimes, break ups happen for a good reason. In other cases, however, break ups are avoidable and it is possible to salvage and rebuild an important relationship.
If you are looking at a potential break up, you need to do some serious thinking about the relationship. If you believe in your heart that you have finally found "the one," you may not want to surrender in the face of an impending end to the partnership. You might want to learn how to stop a break up, instead.
Relationships are all about human interaction. Their quality and soundness are a byproduct of how people communicate with one another. If you know how to communicate in a meaningful and positive way, you can avert disaster. It is possible to use communicative strategies that will help you to avoid the end of a relationship.
Relationship and dating experts study what causes break ups and they understand the kinds of communication that stops that from happening. Good advice of this type has saved many doomed relationships.
You can learn how to stop a break up by taking advantage of the insight and experience of professionals in the relationship field.
By discovering your weaknesses and how to solve for them, you can regain the missing pieces of a relationship and may be able to convince your partner to make an effort to "keep love alive."
Amazingly, it is possible to find out how to stop a break up even if your own actions have put the relationship in danger. That's right--even when you're responsible for the troubles, you can make things work by learning how to effectively communicate your desires, intentions, feelings and goals.
Good communication isn't simply a matter of having the "right lines." Nonetheless, having a way with words certainly won't hurt your chances. That's why noted relationship experts have accumulated phrases and approaches that will help you avoid falling apart with your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse.
If you want to learn how to stop a breakup, your first move should be finding the best possible information about how to handle the situation. Don't rely purely on your gut instincts (that's what go you in a mess in the first place). Don't leave it up to the advice of friends and family members (even if they have great intentions, they may not have great insight).
If you want to find out how to keep your relationship going or to rebuild a seemingly shattered partnership, take a good long look at what professionals in the relationship field have to offer. You'll be glad you did!

About the Author
Odalis wants you to know how to stop a break up! Your relationship ISN'T doomed. You DON'T have to be lonely. You CAN learn how to prevent a relationship breakdown by following tested, expert advice.

The Adult Friend Finder Loophole , free GOLD membership by Momo

This loophole will give you free gold membership to the largest sex and swingers site in the world
Adult Friend Finder claims to offer "Free" Memberships, but these "Free" Memberships are worthless as they only allow you to view profile text, and not the photos.
We have however discovered a loophole that will allow you to obtain a full GOLD Membership (normally $29.95/mo.) without paying a cent, or even pulling out a credit card. The whole process takes about 10 minutes to complete, and is well worth it.
If you follow our step-by-step tutorial, you will know why Adult Friend Finder is the most popular hookup spot on the internet, well at least for the Gold Members, which you will soon be!
The guide below grant you full access and we will show you how to complete the steps, step-by-step, without fail. It's important to follow the steps correctly.
This is a loophole in the system, how long will it be open, who knows, however it is smart to take advantage while you can.
Heres The Loophole
Step 1 of 4
CLICK HERE To go to the homepage. Click the button near the center of the page "Join Free / Sign Up Now". This will take you to the two-page signup form. This should only take a minute or two to complete depending on how much detail you get into with your profile. Remember you can always more fully fill out your profile later.
Once the two pages have been filled out, via email you will recieve an email with your login information and a link to confirm your email address. Click on the confirmation link, them come back to this page, and log in to the right.
That's it for step 1, the next 3 steps will upgrade your free membership to a gold membership.
Step 2 of 4
You should now be logged into your account. Along the top menu bar, there is a link "My Account" click it. On this page is a catagory "Points" and below that there is a link "Reedeem Your Points". Click it.
On the left side of the page you are now looking at will show your points, and below that you want to look for the link "Register On Other Sites". Click It.
You will see 16 sites available for you to register at. This actually is very easy as they auto fill 98% of your info into the registration boxes. Sign up for each and every one of these sites. You can use a discarded email address for this. This whole process will not take you more than 4 minutes.
Step 3 of 4
Now you will start to get email messages asking you to confirm each and every account you just signed up for, you don't have to confirm them, you can just delete them if you want.
Now that you are done with that, go back to the "My Account" page, and from there go back to "Redeem Your Points", and viola, you should have 4000 points, if not you probably did something wrong, and you can only blame yourself for that.
Ok, on the page you are looking at, there should be a table of "Prizes". If you indeed have 4000 points, Look for the prize, 1 month gold membership, and beside it click redeem. (If you did something wrong, and have less than 4000 points, see if you have enough to get 1 month of silver membership, or try to go throuh the steps again)
Step 4 of 4
Now you have to play the waiting game, you have to wait for the site to approve your profile, and you will have full access to the entire site and all its features.
Now, to ensure you can get another month free down the road, keep active on the site, tell your friends about the site, and build points. That way you can get another month free. It doesn't take much effort.
Have Fun!

About the Author
unknown :-)

Disarming the Drag-Away Girl by Dan Tolumbro

From :
The arrogance is appalling. How could this happen to you? Why now??
You're with your friends at the club, and suddenly a total bombshell of a woman catches your eye. Maybe it's the silkiness of her hair, or her shimmering makeup, but you know she's the one for you ... for tonight, at least. With quiet courage, you begin your path towards her.
Oops.... Nature calls. Better take a trip to the bathroom first...
5 unnecessary minutes later, you are back and ready to go. You walk up and ... well the bar's right there, might as well get another beer.
3 more even more unnecessary minutes later, you gulp down some of that liquid courage, tap her on the shoulder, and say "Hi."
For some reason, she opens right up. She's laughing at everything you say and the conversation is flowing effortlessly. You wish you had a recorder wired to you, because tonight you are clearly at your wittiest. She's even beginning to touch your chest when you say something she likes, and doesn't mind you putting your hand on her shoulder or side as you get to know her. All of a sudden, a third party suddenly enters your space.
"BECKY!!! We need to go dance!"
You didn't even see it coming. She didn't see it coming. Yet within seconds, she is off dancing to "Hips don't lie" as you stand there alone with your beer, wondering where your potential girlfriend went.
This is called the "drag-away girl." There's one in every girl's social circle. Her job is so important that when she has the flu, or is out of town, all of her friends fall into the catastrophes of setting dates, getting make-outs, or having one night stands. How crucial her assignment is.
Ok, so it's not that formal, but in order to diffuse the drag-a-way girl's powers, you need to understand why she creates all this madness in the first place.
Women want sex. They love sex; probably more than we do. Left to their own devices, they'd probably be having sex all the time. Who wouldn't be tempted, with attractive people hitting on them left and right?
The problem is that there are social and personal ramifications for women who are promiscuous. They are called "sluts," and can feel "dirty," afterwards. Because of this, girlfriends vow to limit each others' sexual encounters as much as possible. In fact, women will often explicitly ask each other to cockblock for them and make sure they don't give their numbers out or go home with a guy. This is taken so far that when a girl does actually decide she wants to get laid, she'll have to go out of her way to tell her friends not to block, just so she can act how she normally would without societal restrictions.
Of course, there are other reasons why girls drag their friends away from potential suitors. One reason could be that she is simply jealous and hating on her friend for getting hit on all the time. If a girl is overweight or unattractive in general, this is probably the main reason.
How do we solve this? The solution is simple.
As soon as the friend comes, engage her and bring her into the conversation. This will bring her into the new world you two share, instead of snapping your lady back into the other world she shares with her girlfriend. The three of you will be talking about how cool your trip to Maui was, instead of their dinner plans on their big night out next week -- without you, of course. You need to stay prominent in your honey's universe, and for that moment, lower her friend from a focal point to just a guest in the vibe that you two share.
If you do this early enough, and hold a strong frame, her friend will notice that you two are getting along, and just might respect that. What will more likely happen, though, is that she'll still try to make an attempt to drag her friend away by saying "We're going to go dance," but it will be noticeably weaker. She'll speak more softly, and her voice may quiver. Because her friend has a weaker frame than you, you will win. She just won't sound as cool as you, and will be turned down. Your girl will just reply "I'm good," and nod for her to go away. You may not even be able to tell that the drag-away girl has lost her confidence in her control of her friend, but it's there if you look for it.
Now sometimes you won't be able to the engage the friend before she tries to pull your object of interest away. She might just show up and say "We gotta go!" before you can even make eye contact with her. This situation is actually a lot easier than you would expect. Pat the drag-a-way girl on the shoulder and say, "You're cool, you're cool," then turn to face your girl and resume conversation. The friend will be confused and will lose power as she stands there as you two talk. Whoever is standing on the edge, boxed out, looks less and less cool with each passing second.
She will try to reinitiate and move your lady away. Do the same thing again: pat her on the shoulder and quickly say, "You're cool, you're cool." Turn your body completely to face your girl again and resume conversation. It's as easy as shampooing your hair: Wash, rinse, repeat. You can do this over and over again until the friend just leaves; and believe me, she will leave.
In short, don't get too reactive when an obstacle like the drag-away girl crosses your path. Be friendly if you can; and if not, blow her out of the interaction. It's actually deceptively simple dealing with female cockblocks, once you get the hang of it. Above all, have a good time with it, and that girl will be yours.

About the Author
Dan Tolumbro is a dating advice coach for men at:
At his site he provides free information on how to meet women in bars without fear and how to take it to the next level. To receive updates on new dating tactics, and a free 46 page ebook, send an email to

Dating Free Sites - Why Are They Getting More And More Popular? by Lee Leong

Today, everyone seem to be so busy doing whatever they are doing. They never seem to be enough time to go out and meet someone, let alone ask someone for a date. Hence, many have resorted to go online to find their dream partner, a prospect whom may one day become their life partner. No wonder dating free sites are a great boom to the fragmentation of our traditional social structures.
The reason why dating free sites are so felicitous to modern humanity is that they provide expediency with results. They cut to the chase. A person no longer has to date another person for months before finding out his or her religion, spirituality or any other major socio-psychological factors which might stir up a smooth relationship down the track.
Having said that, this does not mean that dating free site will provide an instantaneous perfect man or woman ripe for marriage. It simply implies that people would be able to share their beliefs more readily and with less embarrassment as both parties know the exact reason why they are discussing the issues.
This may seem strange but, in the distanced method of dating via the internet, very often, couples find it easier and certainly socially safer, to get personal faster and deeper than might happen in more traditional face-to-face interactions. This fact can not be overstated. The truth is that, even some of the most beautiful men and women still hold deep seated insecurities which often come out when they speak to a potential lover. Often pure nervousness can ruin a potentially great relationship.
With dating free sites, the playing ground is more evenly leveled, allowing each individual to gain knowledge, trust, and familiarity with a man or woman who may prove to be "the right one". Furthermore, by communicating in this manner, people are also more likely to be more honest. Again, reducing numerous problems which would be experienced in a more traditional relationship. Dating online does not mean to short change traditional dating methods. It merely proves the point that now, there are other effective ways to dating.

About the Author
Read More About Dating Free Sites
Lee Leong is the owner of Adult Dating Website which specializes in providing 100% free dating information, tips and resources for everyone.

Getting to the point by Blake Cooper

Geting the best dating advice
Dating is something most people have to face at some point in their lives. Not everyone takes to the dating pool like a fish, some people struggle with finding the confidence to spend an entire evening with a stranger. One of the things that can really help when it comes to meeting and spending time with someone is advice on dating. There are many books and talk shows out there that are geared to both men and women.
The first step in going on a date is finding someone to date. Although this may seem simple it can prove to be a challenge for many people. Some of the best advice on dating suggests utilizing different avenues to find suitable dates. One of the choices available now that seems to be working for many people is the online dating sites. These sites not only screen potential suitors but they also offer advice on dating.
Once you've found someone to spend time with it's time to decide on something to do for the evening or afternoon. Experts who offer advice on dating often suggest that you choose an activity that you both enjoy. Traditionally many people would have a lovely dinner at a nice restaurant followed by a visit to the theatre or the movies. Although this is a wonderful way to get to know someone, why not consider something off the beaten path. Much of the advice on dating found today suggests trying something like rock climbing, inline skating or a pottery class. This allows the daters the chance to not only spend time talking but doing something fun as well.
After the first date both people tend to feel more comfortable with one another. This can lead to spending more and more time together including attending family functions. Most advice on dating will tell you that meeting your suitor's family is a big step. You'll want to give a great first impression but don't forget to be yourself.
Every relationship is different but there is one common thread that can be found in every successful pairing. Communication is essential if the relationship is going to progress from the dating stage into a longer commitment. All advice on dating will tell you to keep the lines of communication open.
Having a sense of humor is also very important when it comes to successful dating. This holds true whether you are just beginning to date or you've been dating the same person for months. Advice on dating suggests that you keep the fun in your relationship always.

About the Author
Dating is something most people have to face at some point in their lives. Not everyone takes to the dating pool like a fish, some people struggle with finding the confidence to spend an entire evening with a stranger. One of the things that can really help when it comes to meeting and spending time with someone is advice on dating. There are many books and talk shows out there that are geared to both men and women.

YOU Are The Best Man For Me! by Ovi Dogar

Yes, that's true. You are the best! But no woman will tell you this too easy, even if she believes it.
If you do like a women you are dating to, and you want more than a few dating nights with her, just STOP being nervous and excited around her. If she accepted to date you more than once you do have a lot of chances to be the best man for her. All you have to do is to start believing it yourself, and she will realize it too (if she hasn't already).
Let's suppose you don't know each other very well. The fun of dating is learning about each other, peeling away the layers and discovering all those wonderful habits and personality. Don't be too intense when you two are spending time together. It could be fun and remember that fun should be the main state when dating her.
If you have "I need a soul mate" stamped on your forehead, you'll scare her away. But if instead of that you have the attitude "I am the best for you, and I'm not in a hurry because I know you are not going anyway" you will look confident, calm, funny and finally more attractive.
Attractive women are looking for something different: a challenge, a spark, an unpredictable, funny guy like you to take her imagination away.
I've heard many women talking about how they would like to meet a serious, loving man to build a life with, most of them are not in their best days when are telling this. But I never heard a woman in love saying that she is attracted to her lover because he is a serious and careful, attentive man.
Would you like to know how a woman in love is describing her sweetheart? I'll tell you how: "I really don't know why I am so in love with him. He's different! He's the best!" Nothing too concrete here, you'll say. You are right, but this is the true: attraction has no logic.
I don't tell you to get a shower before your date (a recommendation that make me smile and that you can find in most dating articles tips for men on net :)) but dress smart casual, don't overdo it.
Just become a challenge for her and maybe some day she will whisper to your ear "YOU are the best man for me!"

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Online Dating by Preeti

Internet: Wrapping Whole World, Even Online Dating
The growing jest of Internet has wrapped the whole world. The inclination of people towards internet shows the importance of internet. One of the best things about the Internet is that it has made cyber-dating possible. Dates needn't be limited to roses & chocolates and holding hands at the movies. That's the traditional eighties version. Unlike real life dating, cyber-dating has many advantages, all of which make it more fun.
In real life dating boy and girl meet, look and attract towards each other. But on the Internet you just talk to one another or more specifically write to one another. There is no pressure to meet, to see, to like, dislike, etc. What's better, how a person writes can give you a good idea about their intellect. One can be frank and open to communicate with each other as they do not face each other. For many people communicating well right from the beginning is a great way to start a relationship. And to start such a relationship you can refer to our website
Online dating has shed its stigma as matchmaker for the awkward to claim a new prominence in the social lives of millions of users. The only dating sites offer you to search your online date. We have thousand of dating profiles of different singles who are looking for dating. So get registered on and enjoy free online dating anywhere. It seems likely that online dating systems have begun to influence not only individual lives but also cultural notions of love and attraction with their potential partners. These services help you to find your right match. What you have to do is just click on following url and explore your perfect match:
Dating, for those of us who are tired of being single, can be a royal pain. But, unfortunately, these matches often extinguish before they can light even the slightest spark, leaving those of us frustrated to long for the days of arranged marriages: provide path where you can meet your potential matches. You may meet someone you really like or you may find no commonalities with anyone in attendance.
Write your suggestions to,

About the Author
I am a content writer and write articles so that people can know more and more about the exploring world.

The Psychology of Online Dating: He wants and she is by Richard Atkins

In the first article in this series (The Psychologists Viewpoint) I outlined the different types of research using personal advertisements, generally printed advertisements published on the 'lonely hearts' pages of newspapers and magazines.
You will recall that over the last few years psychologists have collected and analysed thousands of these personal descriptions, and have found patterns and sex differences in what people want from a partner, how people advertise themselves to a prospective partner, and how well they pick up on the sort of things the other sex is looking for. This article looks at this from the perspective of male desires and female self-descriptions; looking at what men have actually said they are looking for in a partner, and how good women are at saying the right things to attract a man. Although this is about male wants it is probably of more use to women, particularly when you are considering the sort of thing to say in the 'in your own words' box of your online dating profile.
Firstly we will discuss the features that men particularly seek when describing their ideal partner and how women use their knowledge of this when describing themselves. Secondly we will consider how good women are at this - are there some things that women could say that would make a big difference? Finally we will consider how women can best use this information to hook the interest and get a proper look from men who are browsing through pages and pages of online profiles.
Before you read any further, pause for a moment and ask yourself what men are typically looking for in a female partner. Think of maybe four things and note them down ... now read on.
What does the research say?
One of the strongest results to emerge from examining personal advertisements is the sex difference in the importance of attractiveness. Apart from age and sex, attractiveness (beauty, good looks etc.) is the most frequently described characteristic in personal advertisements written by both men and women but a whole range of studies have found that women are much more likely to describe themselves as attractive or using similar terms (handsome, beautiful, good looking etc.) than men are, and men are far more likely to say they are looking for someone who is attractive than women are.
This suggests that not only are men more interested in a partner's physical attractiveness than women but that women already know and use this information. This is also backed up when you look at other physical descriptions such as hair and eye colour. Women are far more likely to mention their own hair and eye colour than men and men are far more likely to say they are looking for a 'brown eyed brunette' (or whatever) than women are. The other physical attribute that stands out is build or weight, often expressed as dress size. Granted there is no simple male equivalent to a woman describing herself as a 'size 10' (pretty slim in UK dress sizes) but there are plenty of other words (trim, slender, muscular) that could be used. Even so, men are more likely to describe the size/weight range of the person they are looking for than women, and women are more likely to describe their own size, build or weight than men.
Another important factor that emerges from the research is age. Age is almost always mentioned in advertisements written by both men and women. Usually both the age of the writer and the age range of their preferred partner are specified. There is little difference in whether or not age is mentioned so it looks like it is similarly important to both sexes. However there is a difference when you start looking at the actual numbers. In general, women are looking for someone of similar age to themselves or someone who is older by a few years. It is rare to come across a woman who states she is looking for someone younger. Men are usually looking for someone of a similar age or younger, in some cases considerably younger. This suggests youth is something that is valued by men, and perhaps this ties in with ideas about what is attractive.
Apart from stating their physiological age in years, many women who are (perhaps) re-entering the dating scene a little later in life give a more subjective evaluation of their age, usually saying something that implies youth such as young at heart, youthful, or looks younger. Older men also do this but it is much more common in women's self-descriptions and women begin to use claims of youthfulness at earlier ages than men.
Overall, then, looking at personal advertisements the biggest difference between men and women is over description of physical characteristics including attractiveness and body size or shape, and specific physical features that may be considered attractive such as eye colour and hair colour. Age ties in with this if we assume a link between youth and attractiveness. Men tend to want younger, sometimes much younger partners while women, particularly older women, tend to describe themselves as being youthful in outlook or directly tie this in with looks by claiming to be young looking for their age.
On a wider level, a number of researchers have remarked that when women describe themselves they tend to emphasise their male-valued, physical traits rather than the traits that they, as women, place value on. It would be easy to argue that women do this because they hold stereotypical, even prejudiced views of men but the strong evidence of a match between how women describe themselves and what men actually say they want indicates women have got it about right. It appears that when women write an advertisement or dating profile, they often do a good job of writing for a male audience and seem to have a pretty clear idea of how best to promote themselves and attract male attention.
How can we use this?
Most of this is unsurprising and you may be thinking that you already knew this. However you now know for sure that this is not just prejudice but is backed up by scientific research. More importantly, this is knowledge you can use to improve your own profile.
Although there is little you can do to change your age, attractiveness and physical features, there is plenty of scope to decide what you emphasise and the kind of language you use. I am not suggesting that you lie, particularly since the whole idea is that you will eventually meet up and overt lying about physical features would do you no good at all. Without lying it is perfectly possible to focus on your best features and try to use the kind of keywords that men are likely to pick up on.
With online dating profiles, photographs are generally a prerequisite to getting responses and given the sex differences in the importance of attractiveness, it's probably fair to say a good quality photo showing you in your best light is particularly important for women.
Apart from this there are the 'in your own words' sections of your profile. If you or others consider you attractive then mention this, don't worry about the fact that it is already in the form-like section of your profile. If you are slim then mention this. If you are not comfortable with claiming either of these then mention your most attractive features such as your beautiful eyes, lovely auburn hair, attractive personality and/or young outlook. Notice the language I am using: it may seem trivial but adjectives like attractive, beautiful, lovely and young will catch the attention of the men who (on average) are more interested in this sort of thing than women. Men are predisposed towards spotting this kind of thing and even those who claim to be more interested in personality than looks will notice these words. If you feel you can refer to yourself as young and stunningly beautiful with a great figure then do so. If you don't feel that confident then use more moderate language or qualify these statements (young at heart, considered beautiful by some, attractive figure) and refer to specific features like your hair and eyes. Using key words such as these and mentioning your physical features makes it more likely you will grab his attention and your profile will get more than a brief scan and then move on.
To wrap things up, this article has outlined the results of psychological research into what men say they want in a partner and how women describe themselves. This information has then been used to provide insight into the sort of language that might help a woman's personal description catch a man's eye.
The next article in this series, She wants and he is, turns the tables and considers what women say they want from men, how men describe themselves, and how good (or bad) men are at picking up on what women are actually looking for in a partner.

About the Author
Richard Atkins is qualified in psychology and statistics, and has lectured and researched in the areas of attraction, dating and romantic relationship behaviours.
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What should I discuss with Russian ladies? by Alex

The makeup of Russian ladies differs from the makeup of women from other countries because of the unique history of Russia and Russian personality. That is why this article will be helpful for foreign men who wish to have a relationship with a Russian lady.
As you know, first of all a man is judged by externals on a face-to-face meeting. This is very important but sometimes it is a mistake. That is why a woman needs correspondence to get to know a man. When writing a letter to a Russian lady, not having first met her face-to face, you should have some guidance, since Russian culture may differ slightly from yours. We offer the following suggestions to improve your chances for success.
1. First write about yourself - about your job, occupation, family, interests and hobbies. Probably you can find common things to discuss. This is the easiest and best way to find common background at first.
2. Try not to make an invasion of privacy, because this can make a lady feel uncomfortable and she might not wish to answer. 3. Write her a funny story from your life. Ladies love people with a great sense of humor. But also let her know that you can be serious when it's necessary. 4. Do not discuss money. You can indicate your financial status by the content of your correspondence. 5. Do not forget to compliment. Ladies like lots of compliments and all women like to be admired for their beauty and intelligence. 6. Do not write about sex to a Russian lady. Most Russian ladies were raised in conservative families that keep up traditions of old Russia (USSR). At that time it was restricted to talk about sex, to watch sexy movies, etc. The sexual revolution passed not too long ago in Russia, so not all Russians revised their views on sex. Modern Russian women are more open than older ladies, but it's not recommended to talk about their private life. 7. Be truthful. Women are more sensitive and intuitive than men and they sense when a man is dishonest. It's always best to be truthful, especially if you meet face-to-face. Otherwise you can disturb the good understanding between you and your lady. 8. Write her a story from your life which pinpoints your individuality, your kindness, generosity, sense of purpose and other positive qualities of your character. 9. Tell your lady what are you expecting from correspondence with her. She should know whether you are looking for a life partner or just for a pen friend.
Of course these suggestions do not cover everything. A relationship is not always a simple matter. Dating Agency provides training and courses in order to advance your communication skills and personal charm. You will also discover some useful facts about Russian ladies' mental structure and individuality, which will help you to impress beautiful Russian ladies.
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Become a Master at Flirting With Women by Scott Patterson

Want to know the secret to succeeding wildly with interesting and hot women?
Well it's easy...all you have to do is become an expert at flirting with women.
Let's face it if you're reading this article then you probably want to be more successful with women. In fact, most single guys want to increase their success with women and ultimately find one that is perfect for them. But if you're too tongue-tied or have trouble thinking of how to act around a girl, then you'll have little chance of getting her number or going on a date.
That is why you need to know the proper techniques for flirting with women.
So what is flirting and why is it important?
In a nutshell, flirting is a part of human interaction that provides a means for expressing interest and gauging the levels of attraction in an object of interest. It can be accomplished through body language, conversations and casual touching. By becoming a master at flirting with women, you'll have an unfair advantage when it comes to meeting and attracting girls.
The first step to flirting with women is to become absolutely comfortable with yourself. While you have probably heard this statement before, I want to stress its importance. Before you can even think of flirting with a woman, you have look within yourself and find out what you find attractive.
We all have flaws. So don't be too despondent about not being perfect. If you become excellent at flirting with women, these negatives won't matter. In order to be successful at flirting you have confidence and happiness with who you are. By carrying yourself with the right attitude, you'll do a great job at the first stage of flirting.
Next you should create the right frame of mind for flirting. In order to have the right kind of attitude that women will find fun and attractive, you have to radiate positive qualities about yourself. That means when you want to start flirting with women you should be in a good mood and consciously think about how much fun you are.
By having the right kind of mind set, you'll relax yourself and others around you. This will help create a playful atmosphere that will naturally lead to successful flirting.
Flirting with women can lead to successful dates and possibly an intimate relationship. But before you can think about interacting with a woman, you have to be both comfortable with yourself and create a positive atmosphere with women. In my next few articles, I will cover a wide variety of flirting techniques that will improve your chances of success with women.

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The Wonder and Terror of Dating by Eric Davis

I found the perfect woman last week, she was sweet, sexy, easy to talk with and beautiful. Hey, I didn't even mind the $4.99 a minute she charged. Got to admit, there are some beautiful women on-line, but not much chance I'll be linking with them at a local night spot. Nope, got to get out there and start dating again.
I love dating, but sometimes it scary, if you expect to find someone special, you have no choice but to put yourself out there and hope for the best. Of course that is true with anything you really want in life, if you want the best, you have to go out and find it. And like the expression says... "If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself". Of course this isn't about me, so lets see if we can can turn this around and give a bit of sage (ha) advice.
Dating is wonderful and scary, wonderful because we have the possibility of meeting the one person who has the potential to be THE most important person in our life; scary since in order to accomplish this, we must open ourselves to the possibility of being wrong.
If you're a teen, dating is natural and part of life's experiences, no matter what you may learn in a classroom, or from others (good or bad) you must get out there and in order to try, fail and succeed. It might be nice to meet the perfect person the first time around, but it's not a likely scenario. That said, as you meet those of the opposite sex, it's a good idea to have a few things in mind.
There's an expression that says... "Pick your battles" and while dating is not (lets hope not) a battle, there will be times you'll need to assert your opinions, other time when you can just "go with the flow". If you have standards (and I hope that you do) make a point of those standards. It may not win popularity content at that moment, but over time it will bring your TRUE friends closer than ever. On the flip side, if you idea of a perfect evening is dinner and a movie; and your dates wants to see a concert, hey... give a little, and experience something new.
It is possible to have a perfect date? Sure it is, but not unless you get out there and try. Practice. Remember the movie "GroundHog's Day"? In it Bill Murray repeats the same day (and date) over and over again till finally he gets it right. While none of us want to be stuck in a Twilight Zone dating loop, learn from your successes and failures. No two people are exactly the same, but there are commonalities in all of us. Overtime you'll learn to integrate those into your social life and your "perfect date" will become closer to reality.
Abuse is something that you should RUN away from. And I'm not only talking physical abuse, emotional abuse is equally destructive. If you find the person you're dating is mean, controlling (Where were you last night? Why didn't you answer my call?), that is a good sign they aren't a good life mate. Need I mention physical abuse, if someone hits you; it's not likely you (no matter your wiles) are going to change that person for the better. That is the time to cut your losses and head for the door.
Feel good about yourself and date those who amplify these feelings. Life is difficult at times and we need to be around people who "lift us up", not drag us down. I'm not suggesting you be callous, expecting the other person to cater to your whims, quite the opposite, dating is give and take and if that isn't happening, make the best of the evening, but look for a different date next time. This doesn't mean that someone can't change, they can, and that is part of growing up and moving on. Ideally, when two people change together, then you have the stuff of magic.
Ever gotten your clothes out of the dryer and find them clingy. Not a great feeling with your clothes, or your relationship. Keeping someone TOO close (clinging) will not accomplish your goal. While I love for a girl to be close to me, there are times we all need distance and the opportunity to grow as a person.
Chemistry is a VERY important element in dating, but it shouldn't entirely be based on looks. While we all (myself included) love good looking people, it's not something to base the entire relationship on. Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder, and what we see in a person can be based not only on looks, but personality, intelligence and a hundred other things that make a person truly unique.
Don't be a critic. I remember this blonde I dated once, she was nice looking, intelligent and on first observation, a great catch. Problem was she never stopped complaining about one thing or another. Finally I just couldn't take it anymore... "Sayonara baby".
To sum... have some fun and enjoy each other, look for something in the other person that makes you remember them days after the date, and I'm not just talking about a cute rear end :).

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Eric is full time bachelor who strives to date different women in his search for Miss Right. Eric writes the dating and relationship section for and a enjoys a bit of notoriety from his (somewhat controversial) book, The Secrets of Seduction - a free download

How Bad Boys Attract So Many Beautiful Women by Nick Shane

How Bad Boys Attract So Many Beautiful Women
Have you ever wondered why this girl you have a crush on goes out with a selfish and abusive jerk? You would treat her so much better of course but still...she completely ignores you. Why?
This mystery bugs the hell out of almost every guy out there. Most men just can't figure out what it is that makes women fall for the wrong guys...the bad boys!
So the question is: Why are so many beautiful women attracted to arrogant, abusive and selfish jerks?
It took me many years until I figured this out but now I'll let you in on this secret.
If you want an answer to why and how bad boys attract so many beautiful women, you have to look through the looking-glass the other way and ask yourself...
Why are those women NOT dating the nice guys who treat them like real princesses?
Obviously, they are dating the arrogant jerks and bad boys ... and NOT the guys who are nice to her, pay her lots of compliments, bring flowers and want to take them out on a dinner date.
The first thing you have to realize now is that 'being BAD' gets you 10 times more women than 'being GOOD'. Look around you and have a look at some couples where the woman is really beautiful and attractive.
Her man definitely isn't the nicey-nice type of guy.
So how do these bad boys do it? What makes them so attractive and sexy to women?
It's because women want to be with guys who are a challenge and not easy to get. Bad boys and jerks don't give a damn if a woman likes them or not, whereas the nicey-nice guy is needy, clingy and desperately wants to take her out on a date.
Bad boys are wild, brake rules and do what they want. Women get automatically attracted to such behavior because it is exciting and unpredictable.
Nice guys ALWAYS do the expected and predictable, therefore making themselves boring in the eyes of any woman.
Bad boys are always superior when it comes to attracting and dating the most beautiful women out there. Have a look at some of the female celebrities out there. They can literally choose any guy they want...and who do they end up with?
It's either an alcoholic rock star, bad boy actor or abusive jerk with tattoos all over his body.
But what attracts women to these guys isn't their abusive attitude, their arrogant behavior and wife beating tendencies...hell no.
You see, if you were a woman and you had to choose between a nice guy who has nothing else to offer than the classic dates such as going to a restaurant where he pays for everything or a movie where he brings chocolate and flowers ... then the woman wants THE OTHER guy there is.
And that, sadly enough, is the bad boys on the block.
You hear so many people say that those kind of guys are the 'wrong men' but what else is there?
As a woman, you always choose the man who is wild, rebellious and in love with himself over the nice-nice wimpy guy who would do anything for you.
Think about what class you fall into.

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Nick Shane is a street-smart Dating-Expert and author of the book "Playboyskool" and several other products that help regular guys like YOU become more successful with women and dating. Get his FREE online Dating Tips newsletter at

The Biggest Mistakes Guys Make On Dates With Women by Nick Shane

The Biggest Mistakes Guys Make On Dates With Women
Whenever a guy has a date with a beautiful woman he tries to impress her. This is so wrong. If you court a woman like we did 50 years ago, try to buy her affection with flowers and gifts or want to impress her so she will like you ... you are on the wrong track!
Look, it's amazing how every man who asked for my advice has the exact same problems with women. No wonder, they ALL make the same goddamn mistakes when it comes to women and dating.
Here's what usually happens.
Boy meets girl.
He somehow manages to get her number and now wants to ask her out on a date. Either she will just make a random excuse right there like "oh I'm sorry, I can't. My cousin is in town and I have to spend time with her" or "I have yoga class today, maybe some other time."
...or she doesn't cancel on you and will actually agree to meet up with you again. But when your date is almost over, she won't kiss you and just tell you that "you are a nice but she just isn't that attracted to you".
Then, when everything has failed and you realize that she doesn't want to be with you ... you start to wonder what went wrong.
I'm here to help.
The thing is, every guy makes the same mistakes when he is on a date with a beautiful woman. So here's my black list:
a) You pay her lots of compliments. You tell her how nice she looks and how beautiful her eyes are ... and she will say thank you but that's as far as it goes. Paying compliments is a nice gesture, but doesn't push a woman's buttons or turns her on. Oops, you're a wimp! Women don't get physical with those type of men. Sorry!
b) You try to be nice...same deal here: Women don' like nicey-nice guys and never go past a first date or further than a kiss on the cheek.
c) You act clingy and needy. The more you act like you want sex, the less you will get it. But there is nothing worse than a guy who acts needy and desperate for sex. It has to be the biggest turn-off in any woman. So relax, play a little hard to get and let her chase YOU...not the other way around.
d) You try to BUY her affection with flowers, chocolates, drinks or even a cuddly toy. It doesn' work because she will NOT get emotionally attracted to you. If you want her to think you are hot and sexy, turn up the heat by being CHEEKY...and not by buying her things.
e) You go on a classic date such as a restaurant or the movies where you even agree to pay for everything. Classic dates are out. Go window shopping or have a coffee where she has to buy the second round. Be a man for god's sake and not a doormat you hear?
So in a nutshell, everything you do that lets a woman know that you WANT her and really TRY to get her will not have a happy ending. You got to behave like you are the catch and not her.
YOU need to be the challenge no matter how beautiful you think your date looks. If you want to be with her, you have to keep her on her toes and let her wonder about you. Keep teasing her by being cheeky and busting her balls and she will get attracted to you in an instant.
But for now make sure you don't make the above mistakes anymore because if you do, you will get what 97% of other guys get after they had a date with a beautiful woman...another female friend.

About the Author
Nick Shane is a street-smart Dating-Expert and author of the book "Playboyskool" and several other products that help regular guys like YOU become more successful with women and dating. Get his FREE online Dating Tips newsletter at

How To Flirt With Women by Nick Shane

How To Flirt With Women
Every guy wants to know how to flirt with a woman. If you want to get her phone number and have a date with her you need to know the real secrets of flirting. Here's how it works...
You see a beautiful woman that you want to meet and date right? The first question you want to ask me is "so...what do I say to her?". Ahh, a nickel for every time somebody asked me that :)
Okay...How do you make sure you say the right things? What are the best lines you can use?
The golden rule of flirting is NOT to use mainstream pick up lines. Yeah, you heard me right the first time. Don't ever let me catch you using some cheap line you picked up from a forwarded email, a magazine or a website.
They don't work.
Everyone knows what they sound like and they are very, very lame! You know, chat up lines like "hey, can I have your number, I seem to have lost mine" or "wow I didn't know angels were flying so low these days".
You see, women don't like those lines because they make you look cheap. If you use a fabricated pick up line from a magazine for instance, then you will not make her feel that magical gut level emotion called attraction.
Attraction can be TRIGGERED in any woman if you know how...and let me tell you it is NOT by using lame chat up lines.
It is possible to make a woman feel attracted to you if you know the structure behind it, and every single pick up line out there doesn't do that. That's why women think they are boring and cheap.
If you want to be able to flirt with women, then you will have to create YOUR OWN pickup lines. But it's not the line itself that makes a woman attracted to you, it's the structure behind it.
So here's the deal.
If you said to a woman "Was your daddy a thief? Because I think he stole diamonds and put them in your eyes" ... it just sounds very needy, desperate and wimpy. A woman will NEVER flirt back or get attracted to you that way.
But if you understand the secrets of attracting women, all sorts of new doors open up for you. Here's what you should have said:
"So ... why do women like shiny and sparkly things so much? Oh I know, because they put them in pink cereal boxes when you were little"
"How many hours you go shopping a week? I think you're a little shopping addict that loved to borrow credit cards. You are sooo bad you know that? I think we're gonna get along just great"
If you want to flirt with women and get them attracted to you, be CHEEKY!
To be honest, I can tell you from my own experience that there is NOTHING more powerful than being a cocky but cheeky lil' bastard when you want to attract women. They will tell you that you are mean, bad, have a big ego and hit you on the arm.
But guess what? They LOVE it!
So make sure you keep doing THAT from now on.

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Nick Shane is a street-smart Dating-Expert and author of the book "Playboyskool" and several other products that help regular guys like YOU become more successful with women and dating. Get his FREE online Dating Tips newsletter at

How To Attract Models, Hotties And Strippers by Nick Shane

How To Attract Models, Hotties And Strippers
I've dated some VERY beautiful women in my life...real 10's! And if you want to do the same, I can teach you pretty much everything there is to know to attract and date a model, a stripper or a hottie.
What do Models, Hotties and Strippers have in common? They all have men drooling all over them wherever they go. These women are real 10s and they know it.
Now you have to look at it this way: they get asked out like 37 times each day (seriously!) by all sorts of guys. Some are a complete joke who want to take them out for dinner in McDonalds (yes, I've heard some stories) while other drive a Mercedes and own a yacht.
But they all fail because are COURTING these women. This has to be the most common mistake guys make when it comes to women and dating. Please don't ever TRY to make a woman like you.
It doesn't work.
Women can't choose when they feel sexual attraction for men like "Okay, I think he is cute, funny and has an interesting personality, I think it's time to become attracted to him."
It happens INSTANTLY!
But when you have all these guys trying to BUY their affection by spending loads of money and acting like nice gentlemen...then all their efforts are for the gutter, really.
Read my lips here: This is NOT how you make beautiful women have feelings for you. They will not see you as that sexy man that they want to kiss and get physical with.
Here's what I'm saying:
Why do you think that some of the most beautiful women who can obviously CHOOSE anybody they want...end up with dirty, sleazy, drunk badboys who have tattoos all over their bodies and treat them like crap?
Isn't that weird?
Very attractive women can get ANYBODY they want, and they know it. So who do they go for? Certainly not for those kind of guys that approach and ask them out every day.
They need a challenge. They want somebody that is in their league, somebody that is wild so they can tame them. Somebody different that doesn't go with the flow and does what everyone else does.
So what chances have you got with a real 10?
Plenty, if you know what these women are looking for. Go have a look at Dennis Rodman, Kid Rock, Tommy Lee or Vince Neil. Those are the role models you need to have a look at ... not at those cute men you see in the movies who rescue the princess.
If you want to become successful with models or hotties you got to make sure you have a badboy personality trait. Be wild, brake some rules and be aggressive. If a woman acts like a brat, call her on it. If you want something, then don't ask for it...just take it!
It will take some time to get that trait internalized because you have to study some of the original badboy behavior like dominance, aggressiveness and yes even slight arrogance...but it works when it comes to women and dating.
Instead of saying "Hello, you are really beautiful and I would like to take you out for dinner sometimes" say something that only somebody would say who KNOWS he can get anybody he wants as well.
"HEY! You look cute...but I'm curious. What else you got going for yourself but a pretty lil' face. Tell me? Who knows, maybe we get along" *evil grin*
Why do you think I get so many attractive women? Because I have done my homework!
Now go do yours!

About the Author
Nick Shane is a street-smart Dating-Expert and author of the book "Playboyskool" and several other products that help regular guys like YOU become more successful with women and dating. Get his FREE online Dating Tips newsletter at

The Secret Of Attracting Women by Nick Shane

The Secret Of Attracting Women
Have you ever banged your head against the wall because women just don't want to go on a date with you? Have you ever been frustrated because attractive women only see you as a friend? It's because you don't know the secret of attracting women.
You see, if you want to be able to meet and talk to women you have to communicate slightly different than you would to your buddies.
Most guys can't do that. They don't know that to get women attracted to you, you need to talk to them on a different level. At least 9 out of 10 guys don't have a clue how to do that so they turn to what the media has been telling them would work.
You know...tell a woman how beautiful she is, take her out to dinner, bring her flowers and tell her you like her to show your affection. But does it really work when you want to meet and date a woman in the 21st century? Not really.
This may sound like a shock to you but women don't feel emotionally attracted and would want to kiss you if you behave like the shining knight in armor that rescues the princess.
This isn't Hollywood, this is real life.
I know this sounds a bit weird but the only way to make women respond to you sexually is to flirt with them in a special way. Most guys don't know that secret, and that's why they always end up being just another friend or don't even get anywhere in the first place.
Here's what usually happens...
You know this beautiful woman that you really like and want to have a date with, but you just don't know what to say or do to get her. Then, you finally assemble enough courage to walk up to her and ask her "Hi, I saw you a couple times now and just wanted to come over and ask you if you want to have a drink sometime. Or how about dinner tonight?"
She will be flattered, think you are cute and that it was a nice gesture of you to come over but has to say "I would but I have a boyfriend, I'm sorry". So here's my question to you. No it's not a question, I want you to think about this so you get the bigger picture of what's going on here: How come you have so many women that give you the SAME boyfriend excuse over and over again?
Isn't that weird? Could it be that they just want to tell you "Thanks but no thanks" in a nice way?
You bet!
You see, they don't feel sexually attracted to you because you didn't push her right buttons that create that gut level feeling for her.
You were just like every other guy out there. What you need is to be DIFFERENT.
Here's what I want you to do from now on: STOP acting like a clingy, needy nice-guy! Don't ask women out for drinks, don't treat them like a princess and never ever be nice to her.
Women are NOT attracted to nice guys, that's why the bad boy always ends up with the girl and the nice guys finish last. In Hollywood movies, the cute nice guy always gets the girl. But in real life it's the complete opposite.
If you want to become a master at the art of attracting women, you need to start acting like a man and not a doormat. Don't be nice, polite and pay them wimpy compliments hoping they will like you. Be a challenge, be cocky and be bad!
So, instead of saying "You know, I just wanted to tell you that you look very beautiful. Can I take you out sometime?" ... be bad and say...
"So what else do you apart from picking up cute guys like me? If you promise to be nice I let you buy me a drink *evil grin*"
Ultimately, being a cheeky bad boy is what gets you the girl. Period!

About the Author
Nick Shane is a street-smart Dating-Expert and author of the book "Playboyskool" and several other products that help regular guys like YOU become more successful with women and dating. Get his FREE online Dating Tips newsletter at

How To Get A Hottie by Nick Shane

How To Get A Hottie
How do you attract the most desirable, attractive and interesting women around? It must take a hell of a lot of money, muscles and bragging to attract these types of girls, you say? Nope, not at all. You just need to know the secrets and dirty tricks hidden from most men.
Here's how it all breaks down:
Most guys want a beautiful, intelligent and interesting woman as their girlfriend. Others just want to have sex with a hottie but that's exactly the same thing. If you want GET one, you need to know the dos and don'ts
So I am going to list the most important rules to make this as simple as I can:
First, if you are NICE to her or tell her how beautiful she looks, she will just ignore you. Every guy does that, and if you want to be like every man that wanted to pick her up or she has dated in the past, you won't go very far.
Think about it. What chances do you have if you do what everyone else does? You wouldn't be very different? That's why you don't offer an attractive woman a drink. You really don't want to be the 17th guy the same night who wants to buy her a drink, really.
Second, don't let her know that you are hitting on her. If she sees that you are just talking to her because you just want her number and date her, it's over. That's what she gets day in day out: Clingy and needy guys.
If you want to get somewhere, you have to keep her on her toes, play a bit hard to get and be a challenge. If she sees that you are nice to her and tell her that she has a very beautiful smile, then she won't get sexually attracted to you. If you act needy, clingy or buy her a drink to get her number, she will get annoyed at you because you are just like every other guy.
Third, if you aren't sure of yourself and come off as insecure ... then she will walk all over you. If you act nervous, are shaking in her presence and mumble ... let me tell you she will not think you are sexy. Women don't think it's cute like the media tells you. They will think that you are nice and it was a nice try but they won't think you're right for her. You got to be strong and confident here otherwise she will just turn her back on you.
Fourth, don't back down if she gives you a little attitude like "why are you talking to me? Don't you have any friends? Go away". Remember it's a test to get rid of all the wimps and nice-guys that will just waste her time. She knows if she acts a bit cold and like a bitch, all those guys she doesn't want will leave her alone right there. Hold your ground and chip away on her confidence by telling her "aww you are so cute, you remind me of my little bratty sister" ... that will disarm her attitude within an instant.
So next time you want to chat up a real hottie, you got to use a different approach. Try this:
When she is near you, say "HEY!" ... to make her turn around and get your attention. Then say "You know what ... you really SUCK! [pause] ... you just walked by and didn't even smile/say hi".
That's your way in. Keep teasing and busting her balls until she asks you for your name. Remember, they are you got to play a stronger game to get them!
Until next time!

About the Author
Nick Shane is a street-smart Dating-Expert and author of the book "Playboyskool" and several other products that help regular guys like YOU become more successful with women and dating. Get his FREE online Dating Tips newsletter at

How To Avoid Being 'Just Friends' With Women by Nick Shane

How To Avoid Being 'Just Friends' With Women
The worst case scenario that can happen when you want to date a woman is when she says "you know, you're a really nice guy ... but let's rather be friends ok?". Doesn't that suck? Of course it does, but for many guys out there they just don't know how to overcome this problem. But I do so listen up...
When you act like a clingy, needy nice-guy around women then you are not getting anywhere.
She will not see you as a potential boyfriend or lover but as a friend. Why? Because you did not stimulate her emotional trigger buttons ... the ones that make her feel that gut level emotion called sexual attraction towards you.
Here's what happens when you behave like a wimp or nicey-nice guy around women: they tell you that you are indeed a nice person, but they would rather be friends with you because you are so nice and cute. I know, it doesn't really make any sense at all if you are new to this, but here's what's REALLY going on inside her head:
They really don't want to be friends...they just want to get rid of you!
Now look, women say and mean very different things. "Lets be friends" or "I don't want to lose you as a friend" just means, "You know, I can't really see a relationship working out" or in many cases "I'm just not attracted to you sexually".
So how do you make a woman attracted to you? How do you make a woman see you as a hot stud and as boyfriend material instead of just another girlfriend?
Allright...first of all, when you want to get a woman's phone number or take things to another level on a date...just stop acting like one of her friends would.
Seriously, if you don't want to become her friend then STOP acting like one in the first place!
All of her friends are nice to her, pay her lots of compliments, treat her like a princess and buy her drinks when she is out. If you do exactly the same, then she will put you in the FRIENDS category like all the other guys.
Don't become her personal slave that does everything for her and offers to help her out all the time. Don't spend hours listening to all her problems. You want to be the one she talks for hours to all her girlfriends about because she isn't sure how she can attract you.
But if you act like a friend, then you will become her friend.
This is what I want you to do now: you need to do the exact opposite of what her friends do. Stop being nice, stop paying wussy compliments to her and don't be so needy! You got to make her guess and keep her on her toes whether you like her or not.
Keep her guessing about you so she gets curious. If you pay her a lot of compliments about how good she looks today early on, then all of that mystery is gone because she already knows that you are into her.
And that doesn't create any attraction.
You need to push her emotional trigger buttons to create attraction, and you do that by teasing her and busting her balls. You need to show her that you are a man and not a doormat.
So instead of doing something for her (I dunno, like a lift for instance) like every friend would, just be cheeky and say "ok ... what do I get in return? Naw, not THAT girlie, you gotta stop thinking about sex all the time...but an ice-cream is a start".
There you go!
THAT'S how you press her buttons and get her attracted to you. Not by being nice, needy and clingy. If you want to be her lover or boyfriend ... then get her sexually attracted to you by teasing or accusing her she just thinks of you are a sex-object.
Use your imagination when teasing her, it works wonders when it comes to women and dating.
Keep it up!

About the Author
Nick Shane is a street-smart Dating-Expert and author of the book "Playboyskool" and several other products that help regular guys like YOU become more successful with women and dating. Get his FREE online Dating Tips newsletter at

I'm No Longer His "Dream" by Dr. Dennis W. Neder

Hi, Dr. Dennis
I am a 34 year old woman who is insanely attracted (you could even say devoted) to a 56 year old man who still makes me melt after almost 4 years of knowing him. We have seen photos of each other, but our only contact has been via e-mail and telephone - never in person.
I met this man while I was still married. Our business relationship turned friendly, and after a year and a half of a friendly relationship, our talks led to more intimate and personal subjects - I can honestly say I was the one who was curious about his sexual likes and dislikes...he has always been a perfect gentleman and has never placed an emphasis on anything sexual (that is INSANELY attractive to me).
After a year of a VERY intense emotional relationship (this man had proven to me that he would wait as long as he had to for me), I had beat myself into an emotional frenzy because I felt I was cheating on my husband, so I ended our "romantic" relationship. I love the man dearly - he has my heart - so I explained that I wanted to still be friends. He wanted to have contact as friends once or twice a month, which I could not have lived with, so he said he needed a couple of weeks to get used to the "new order of things" - going from a very intimate friendship to a platonic friendship, then he contacted me at the end of a "2 week hiatus".
That was 1 year ago this month, and I have since divorced my husband (for narcotic addiction - not because of my feelings for this other man). I poured my heart out to this man a couple of months ago, basically telling him how much I still care for him, and I wish he would give our romantic relationship another chance - at least meet me in person before he gives up on us altogether.
This was a man that was absolutely CRAZY about me last year, but he told me recently that he did not see a future with me, even though he has a "great deal of affection for me that he cannot deny". Lately, he has been growing more distant - his phone calls are down from 8 a month to 3 or 4, and his emails are only 1 per week now instead of 3 or 4. My divorce will be final in 2 1/2 weeks, and I am wondering if he is trying to distance himself from me now in an attempt to build attraction since we plan to visit in person soon after my divorce is final?
I keep reading all this advice to men to create distance from women to build attraction while still leaving them on her agenda. I feel he is doing this to me - or maybe I am just HOPING that is what he is doing.
Could he be trying to get rid of me altogether since I am about to be divorced because he would think I was "needy" or something? He said he is very attracted to my physical appearance (I was voted best-looking in high school and have held my own over the years), my analytical ability, my positive outgoing attitude, my intelligence, and my devotion to my family and friends - those are his words, not mine. Could a man throw away a woman who was once the woman of his dreams? We have stayed such good friends since the "romantic breakup", but now he is creating all this distance - it's not normal for him.
And for all you men who have read this far, here's a tip for you - this man made me fall HARD for him because he was a perfect gentleman who truly listened to what I said and could even ask me questions about it later. He is VERY intelligent and well-spoken, and has a genuine interest in every facet of my life. And yes, I love him because he stands his ground and did not let an emotional outburst I had get to him - he is very strong emotionally without ever having walked all over my emotions. He is very optimistic and supportive of me which goes a long way.
I want this man, and without sounding too conceited, I just cannot understand why he would not want me, but it appears that way right now. Do you have any idea why he is creating all this distance from me right before we are supposed to meet?
He KNOWS I would not sleep with a man that was not devoted to me long term, so him telling me he does not see a future with me is not promising. Maybe he just wants the sex and is being honest with me about his standing on a long-term commitment since we are good friends. Or maybe he can't say anything about a long-term commitment since he has not seen me in person yet? I know men are visual creatures like that.
Do you have any suggestions on what I could do to show him that I would never leave him again now that I am soon to be legally divorced? I completely crushed this man (and myself) last year and I beat myself up for it daily, but I want him to feel secure with me again now that I am free to be with him.
I would really appreciate any help you could provide. Thanks. ================ Hello!
First - to any guy that's reading this, I strongly urge you to NOT use this as an example what to - or not to - do. In fact, you should never take relationship/dating advice from women unless they're lesbians and even then, their target market is rather different from yours! Buyer beware!
Sorry - this may work for you, but trust me, your situation; like your relationship, is very different from the "norm". Any guy that believes this will work is going to find out the hard way that it won't. Then, they're going to write to me, very unhappy with the results.
Yes, I can tell you exactly what's going on here. You've spent the last 4 years building up an emotional connection that frankly, only exists in your mind. Your brain actually takes in information at over 60,000 impressions PER SECOND. That's a tremendous rate of information, and if your brain doesn't have access to the real information, it "fills in the gaps" by giving you whatever it is that you want. In your case, you filled in the gaps with all the intellectual/emotional "chemistry" without having the actual impressions to work with.
Consider this: when you're "in person" you get not only the verbal part of communication, but a much bigger part is missing: non-verbal. You can't watch the tilt of his head, the almost instantaneous, impreceptable movement of the corner of his mouth and the slight changes in his complexion. Instead, you've spent many hours on the phone and via email getting none of this! Your mind has "inserted" this information for you since it wasn't there. I'm sorry to say that you are (in effect) in love with a ghost!
While you've been building all of this up and creating all the things you need to want this man, he's been denied what he needs! Even worse, you've now required that he create something that doesn't even exist to get it! You demand (as you stated) that he "devotes" to you when in fact, there is nothing there (other than huge phone bills) on which to base such an expectation.
Here's something you really need to understand: men and women use sex and physical intimacy VERY differently; at least in the beginning of the relationship. You (as a woman) use sex to create bonding and inimacy. Men on the other hand use sex to determine if we WANT TO create bonding and intimacy! This period only lasts for a short while and if you miss it, it's very difficult to get back - almost impossible.
Go back and re-read that paragraph until the idea really sinks in. You need to understand why; while getting what you want, you've also shot yourself in the foot by denying him what HE needs in order to be where you are!
In effect, he's passed through all of the phases that you've been building up to. He may very well have been where you are now years ago. However, by not having the physical aspect of a relationship with you, his mind decided to relieve this pain by taking away his need for you. In effect, he's fallen out of love with you and has become nothing more than a friend and maybe even less than that.
Right now, his contact with you is probably more out of habit than out of need. By putting such huge requirements on him in order to even build anything from this point forward, he's probably just given up and is moving on emotionally if not mentally. This is why he sees no "future" with you. It's based entirely on your past together.
All people interested in relationships need to understand this point: all relationships have a "window of opportunity" where both people's needs coincide. Many women (and sometimes men) try to artifically manipulate this window by saying things like, "Let's take this slow" or in other ways like preventing or putting of first meetings (as in this case). What this does is to destroy the chance for the relationship to begin to ripen. It never leaves this "proto-stage" and eventually withers and dies.
I regret to say that this is likely where things are for you now. You've spent far too much time "selling" and no time "delivering". While this may have worked well for you, it absolutely didn't work for him. I can say this with great assurity; both from being a man and having talked to many, many thousands.
At this point, I'm not very confident in your ability to "right" this situation. I'll bet that on top of all history here, you're also at some distance away from each other - maybe hours or even days. With this added problem you aren't going to "fix" things here unless one of you moves and even then, you still have to get past the history!
If you two are local enough to get together regularly (like instead of calling), I strongly urge you to do that right away. Without being in person, you're never going to work this out, and frankly, I doubt it even then.
Best regards... ------------------------------------------------------------------ Have a love, dating, relationship, sex or man/woman question? You can write to me by going to: for answers. For more information about my books, "Being a Man in a Woman's Worldtm" (volumes I & II), and other products visit: Check out the discussion group at:
Copyright (c) 2006, Dr. Dennis W. Neder All rights reserved.

About the Author
Dr. Neder, known around the world as a tough, but fair relationship expert, deals with all sorts of dating, sex and relationship issues from a man's perspective. Having written 3 books ("Being a Man in a Woman's World™" series) and is working on others, hundreds of articles, been on hundreds of radio and TV shows, he is funny, direct and intuitive. Vist for more!

Yick! This Is Not Going To Work by Daryl Campbell

Online dating is hot. People are finding out that meeting someone online is not only very doable but can be especially gratifying. .
But (there's always one of those) internet dating can sometimes produce less than positive results. For many people it's when expectations meet reality.
For instance a guy who thinks he's found the right girl. He replies on her profile and suddenly they start communicating on a very regular basis.
The chemistry they've built up through exchanging messages and talking on the phone blossoms. Now he considers the possibility of having more than an online relationship with the girl. He decides it's time to set up their first real date.
And then it happens. They meet for first time over lunch and it's a disaster. The girl appears to be somewhat different than what the guy had expected or recalled. But worse of all, the cheerful chemistry and lively conversation they had built up abruptly vanished. The date came to an end and even though the girl said that she had a nice time and enjoyed herself the problem is still there. The guy does not know what to say.
This is not uncommon in the world of online dating. There are many cases where two people just don't click when they meet in person.
A lot of people who are involved in online dating usually ask why such things happen. They find it hard to believe that the person they have learned to like (and love) online is entirely different when in person.
So they try to assess themselves what went wrong. Is it their point of view that has changed? Were they deceived by the other person? Or was it just wrong from the very start?
The problem with most people is they fail to keep in mind that when they communicate to their dates online, they are really communicating, not with a person but with a series of texts. This is because any answers can always be fabricated or the other person can always deceive his or her date.
When this happens, personal meetings often end up like the one mentioned above. This is because reality is entirely different from what the computer screen illustrates.
Nevertheless, in real life, you've got to know how to exit from the situation without having to hurt the other person's feelings.
1. It would be better not to delve on the issue about not having the right chemistry in the first place, or point out the reason why an individual cannot pursue the dating any longer.
In order to break things up easily, don't focus on the issue of not getting the expectations one had started to build before you met in person. Don't excuse yourself on the grounds that your date is not good-looking enough, or be hurtful in any way.
2. Explain the importance of finding each other's right mate in order to build a happy relationship.
An individual should at least try to make an extra effort on explaining how chemistry works with two people and that lack of such value could be detrimental in one's relationship.
3. Excuses will only make it worse.
Rejection should be done in such a way that the other person will not be hurt. That's going to be tough enough without you making dreadful excuses the other person will sense immediately
4. Be firm in your decisions.
If you start to tell the other person that you think the relationship will not work, but then go all wishy washy, you will only make the matter worse and generate negative feelings.
5. It is usually best to allow your date to express their sentiments and ask questions then answer the questions as honestly as possible.
When a person gets disappointed after meeting his or her online date in person, it would be better to set things straight at once and put an end on the situation before it gets out of hand.
Try and understand how your date is feeling and be kind to them, even though you are about to end the relationship. Remember if you were in their place, you would want your date to be kind to you.
About the Author
Daryl Campbell invites you to check out Tons of free tips, resources, advice from people who have been there done that and up to the minute information to help you with the dating game

The Best Places to Meet Attractive Women - Part 1 by Scott Patterson

The one question that I receive almost daily from my male list subscribers is where they can find attractive women to approach. Most of them are tired of trying to talk to women in places like bars and clubs. Instead they want to find areas where there is a wide selection of good-looking women without too much competition from other guys.
In my opinion, it's very easy to find interesting women. All you have to do is know where to look.
But before you start looking, you should make a decision about what type of girl you want.
For instance if you want to find a fun girl and have sex with no strings attached, then the best place to go would be a local bar or nightclub. So before you can even think of a place to find a woman, it's important to make a decision on you really want.
This means asking yourself if you want a long term relationship or a quick hook-up. In addition, you should think about the type of girl you're seeking. This could be "the nice-girl", "the freak", "the outdoors girl" or "the athletic woman".
Once you make a decision on what type of woman you want, you should start frequenting the areas where they go. So if you're trying to land an athletic girl, then you could try looking at places like your local gym, running club or co-ed athletic league.
But what if you're having trouble thinking of a suitable place?
Well if that is the case, then you should pay attention to this series of articles.
Over the next couple of weeks, I'll cover the different types of women and where you can easily find them. Each article will profile a certain category of girl and where she frequently hangs out.
As an example, in the next article I'll discuss where you can find "the nice girl". Speaking in general terms, you'll have little chance of finding the stereotypical nice girl in a bar or club. I'm not stating there aren't nice girls at these locations. Instead I am saying that a bar tends to create an atmosphere where people go for instant hook-ups. As a result, you'll be more likely to find a girl who likes to party rather then a woman you can "take home to mom".
So if you're interested in finding a woman that matches your interests, then keep an eye out for future follow-ups to this article...
About the Author
Scott Patterson is a master at meeting, approaching, and attracting women. To find out how you can pick-up ANY woman in 7 simple steps, check out his free ecourse

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Romantic Destinations in Colorado by Richard Rspad

The Rocky Mountains are full of locations that just ooze romance. The romantic destinations in Colorado are considered some of the best in the country and here are a few highlights.
Romantic Destinations in Colorado
The majesty and beauty of the mountains of Colorado make them an excellent shelter for your next romantic retreat. Snow capped hills with many hiking trails, high clear lakes perfect for swimming and fishing, and ski resorts all offer vacationers to this state activities to keep them busy. Of course, all of that cold mountain air may leave you in the mood to spend some time in front of a roaring fire - which may be the entire point of romantic destinations in Colorado.
The area around the city of Colorado Springs, Colorado is home to many resorts and inns that are extremely welcoming to couples seeking a few nights of romantic solitude. The Our Hearts Inn Bed and Breakfast, which is located in the Old Colorado City historical district of Colorado Springs, is a great retreat for your next romantic stay. The area around the inn is filled with streets dotted with antique shops and other shopping delights, and gourmet restaurants all governed by the vision of Pikes Peak.
While the location of the Our Hearts Inn Bed and Breakfast may be the first thing that grabs your attention, the amenities within the inn are what will make your stay delightful. The cottages that are on the inn's property both include rooms with Jacuzzi tubs for two, so you can make your night extra special. The cottages also include kitchens, and while they're perfect for an intimate stay, the larger size means that they can also accommodate families on extended vacations. The Cottage on the Knob is not actually on the property with the rest of the resort, rather, this Victorian cottage is located in a residential area nearby.
There are three rooms in the main house that can be used for your romantic destinations in Colorado, and other amenities include delicious, home-cooked style breakfasts and an atmosphere that makes you feel cozy and at home. Specials include the Lucky Lover's Gambling Delight, which includes numerous gambling themed treats (like Lotto for Love) as well as wine in room and spa treatments off premises. You can even get breakfast in bed if you choose to stay in a room in the main house!
There are many ways to spend a romantic weekend - and if you are going to be near Colorado, there are also many different spots to spend that weekend in. No matter where you choose to spend your time, romantic destinations in Colorado are sure to warm you up on those cold winter nights!

About the Author
Richard Rspad is with Resort Spa Destinations - reviews and articles on romantic getaways.

Romantic Destinations in Delaware by Richard Rspad

Nothing screams romance like taking in the scenery and old world charm of the New England states. Romantic destinations in Delaware promise privacy and a perfect pace of life.
Romantic Destinations in Delaware
Delaware, located in the Mid Atlantic region of the United States, is a beautiful small gem of a state nestled between New Jersey and Maryland. Bordered by the scenic and relaxing Delaware Bay, as well as having a partial coastline on the Atlantic Ocean, Delaware is an often overlooked spot for a vacation. For those seeking a trip as a couple, however, this small state has much to offer. Cozy inns and other resorts nestled in this area offer many different spots for romantic destinations in Delaware.
If you are looking for a truly luxurious yet relaxing and intimate place to stay, try the Inn at Montchanin, located right outside of Wilmington, Delaware. This resort is far more than just a place to stay at night. Montchanin is actually a village that exists as a historical monument to times gone by. The 11 houses and other buildings in the Montchanin Village have been restored and, where needed, recreated to their original forms. These buildings date from between the year 1799 to the year 1910. The entire village was once part of the Winarthur estate.
The Inn at Montchanin is itself part of the landscape here. Each of the 28 guest rooms and suites is housed in one of the 11 historically restored buildings. This allows you to have a truly authentic antique feel to your stay. No two rooms at the Inn are alike, with many of the rooms and suites having their own private courtyard areas or gas fireplaces. Even though the rooms are broken apart (not housed in a single building) you still get the convenience of turn down services, modern amenities such as high speed Internet and cable TV, and a mini bar.
All of the furnishings in the rooms at the Inn at Montchanin are as authentic as possible, adding to the ambiance and making it one of the best romantic destinations in Delaware. There are also package deals available, ranging from the Inn House package (which includes admission to some of the local museums, as well as a dinner and overnight stay) to the Village Romance package. The Romance package offers couples a night's stay, as well as champagne, chocolates and fresh berries presented upon arrival. A breakfast for two is also included.
Staying in a beautifully restored historic area is a perfect way to bring some interest into the romantic destinations of Delaware. The interesting setting, combined with roaring fires and gourmet food, offer lovers a great way to spend a weekend.

About the Author
Richard Rspad is with Resort Spa Destinations - reviews and articles on romantic getaways.