Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Ultimate Mistake Men Make With Women by Nick Shane

The Ultimate Mistake Men Make With Women
Okay listen up...
I am going to reveal to you the number #1 mistake men make when it comes to attracting and dating beautiful women.
What do you think is the reason why most guys out there just can't get a date, a number or a kiss from a woman?
It's because they treat every single woman like a princess and put them on a pedestal ... whereas they should really treat them like their little bratty sister. This is what gets women attracted and fall in love with you.
If you act like a clingy, needy nice-guy then no wonder women tell you that they just want to be friends with you.
When you see an attractive woman, what do you do to get her attention? Do you go up to her and pay her a compliment? Do you ask her if she wants a drink? Do you tell her how beautiful she is? Do you introduce yourself and ask what her name is?
Man, why do you make me bang my head on my keyboard? You won't get a woman to give you her phone number like that! Now look, most guys think that to successfully attract a woman, you need to be nice to them, drive a sports car, have a load of cash in your wallet and work out every week just to look a bit like Arnold.
You couldn't be more wrong. It's all bullshit!
In fact, you may have just made the biggest mistake in your life when it comes to women and dating. Every guy on this planet has been brainwashed into the belief that women will want to be with you if you are nice to them, treat them like a princess and pay for drinks and dinner.
You couldn't be further from the truth. But it's not your fault. Blame TV, Hollywood and magazines. You have been conditioned to believe that this is what makes women get attracted to you.
Now listen, me and many of my friends who are true ladies-men aren't rich, good looking or handsome. We're just regular guys like you.
But we can get so many phone numbers from women one single day you wouldn't even believe me if I told you.
So what's our secret? How do we do it?
It's because we tease women, we accuse them of hitting on us, bust their balls and are cheeky when we talk to them. We are the complete opposite of what a clingy nice-guy does. We don't offer them drinks, we don't pay compliments and we certainly don't invite them to a romantic candle light dinner.
And guess what?
They LOVE us for that. Women get attracted and want to be with men that are different from all the other guys they have dated in the past...and we give them precisely that.
So if you want to be able to do the same and literally get women to fight for YOUR attention, start treating them like your bratty little sister and say "HEY! Will you stop staring at my ass all the time? I'm not a sex-object you know?"
Once you truly GET IT what makes women attracted to men, you can write your own ticket in the dating world.
Keep it up!

About the Author
Nick Shane is a street-smart Dating-Expert and author of the book "Playboyskool" and several other products that help regular guys like YOU become more successful with women and dating. Get his FREE online Dating Tips newsletter at

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