Wednesday, November 22, 2006

How to attract a Beautiful Woman - Top 3 tips by BRGE

How to attract a Beautiful Woman - Top 3 tips
Are you sick of not being able to attract the type of women you are looking for? Do you want to be able to attract beautiful women? I am about to give you the top 3 tips on how to attract a beautiful woman.
The first tip to attracting a beautiful woman is to have confidence. Women can always tell when a man is confident and they are very attracted to confidence. That is why women are attracted to a man they cannot have. He already has a woman and that makes him have confidence, which attracts women.
The second tip to attracting beautiful women is to be honest. Women can always tell when you are lying and they can sense it so you have to be honest or they will know. Women also appreciate honesty and in the long run you will thank me for this tip. Always be honest with women and you will have not issues along the way.
The last tip to attracting beautiful women is to grow some balls. You have to initiate everything with the really attractive women because they know men notice them and other men with initiate it if you don't. Starting conversations with women is not the easiest thing, but it can be done and it will get you more dates with beautiful women than you could ever imagine.
Attracting beautiful women is not the hardest thing in the world to do and if you follow these tips you will have a lot of great dates with beautiful women. Good luck and build up your confidence so that you can talk to more beautiful women more often.

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